e2 studio

e2 studio 7.4

Develop, view, update, and debug custom projects
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Renesas Electronics Corp.

Create programs and manage their development in the comprehensive environment based on Eclipse CDT. Work with the editor, compiler, and linker control modules, check the current status of the code, integrate different modules, and perform debugging at any point.

e² studio is a complete development and debug environment based on the popular Eclipse CDT project. Essentially open source, the Eclipse CDT covers the build (editor, compiler, and linker control) as well as the debugging phase based on an extended GDB interface. e² studio will automatically scan the generated linker map file to prepare the Memory Usage view. Based on the device selected for the project, the Memory Usage View will display the exact RAM and ROM usage along with the percentage used of the target device. Each graph is colour coded to indicate the criticality of memory usage.

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